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Put on your syncing cap!

One round of Synco is all it takes to learn the rules and get hooked on the fun.

Ready? Let's go!

Here is your subject:

Things in a garden

Write 5 things that fall in that subject.


Specifically, write 5 things you think other people are most likely to write down.

Use the form below or a piece of scrap paper.

All done? Tap or click the arrows to compare answers with your three opponents!

Time to score! For each response:

  • If no one matched with you, that's worth 0.

  • If you matched with one other player, that response is worth 2 points (1 for every person).

  • If you matched with two players, it's worth 3.

  • If you matched with all three players, it's worth 4.

Add your total for all 5 answers, and that's your score for the round!

How did you do?
Happy with your score?
Did you have fun?

Do you want to play some more?

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