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Great minds sync alike!

Synco is the rare game that brings people together.
The more you sync up, the higher you score!
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How to play

Draw a subject card, everybody writes down five things that fall within that subject.  Share your answers and score points for every person who wrote down the same response.

Classic style:
  • Everyone tries to match with everyone

  • For each response, score 1 point for every person who matches

Partner style:
  • Players divide into pairs

  • Each pair collaborates on 1 set of responses

  • Score 1 point for every pair with a common answer

Great way to include younger players!
Team style:
  • Divide into groups of 2 or more and try to match with your teammates

  • Score 1 point for every team member who matches

— OR —

  • Score only when the whole team matches

What counts
as a match?

Some answers will be close but not exactly the same. Players can decide together whether to award points, but these guidelines seem to work best:

  • Singular v. plural = Match!

Ex: pencil v. pencils

  • 1:1 synonyms = Match!

Ex: Washington v. George Washington

  • Broad v. specific = Not a match

Ex: shirt v. t-shirt

Printable scoresheets

You can write answers and keep score on any ol' piece of paper.

But why do that when you can use our

pre-made Synco scoresheets?

Get your sync on

Share the thrill of the sync with your friends and family.

The Synco story

It started with a store-bought game that had room to improve.

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