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Meet the Synco team

Wayne headshot.png

The Inventor

Wayne Mathieu has always loved games. When he bought one for his family, he'd often adjust the rules slightly to balance the competition, raise the intrigue, or maximize the fun.

One Christmas, he received a game that didn't work so well. But instead of tweaking the rules, he had a full-on eureka moment — and the essence of Synco was born.

Mike headshot.png

The Creative

Wayne's son Mike played early versions of Synco that Wayne printed at home. He also shared the game with his friends on the West Coast.

Mike knew the game was special and thought it deserved to be published "for real." Since he had experience in marketing and creative arts, maybe he could help somehow?

Eli headshot.png

The Superfan

Eli Reich is Mike's longtime friend (and onetime landlord). He's also an entrepreneur and avid supporter of cool ideas.

He saw Synco's potential the first time he played, and he offered right away to help produce it on a bigger scale.


Ten years later ... it finally happened.

We love this game. And we think you will too.
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